Guess who I just sat next to at the movies.

What a great city you live in.

just spend an evening with me. just a lazy evening, then you could be leaving, or we could stay and talk until three. i will think it's magic and i'll hope you'll agree, so light a roman candle with me. if we were honest and both wrote a sonnet together, a sandwich with everything on it. at least we would know that the sparks didn't glow, but we owe it to ourselves to try so we aim and ignite.

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Today I dyed my hair red but it came out more brown.
Today I wished this kid I knew once Happy Birthday.
Today I listened to nothing but the Mary Poppins soundtrack and Fun.’s first album that no one even likes.
Today I read a few diary entries of Sylvia Plath’s to the baby and she cried but probably because she was hungry and not because I was making her sad.
Today I tried to kiss V at least a few times before the day completely ran out and I did even though he kept rubbing his eyes because he was sleepy.
Today I made it home before midnight.
Today wasn’t bad at all.

He wants to say I love you, nothing can hurt you

but he thinks
this is a lie, so he says in the end

you’re dead, nothing can hurt you
which seems to him

a more promising beginning, more true.

-Louise Gluck, from ”Myth of Devotion”

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